The Scoop About Us

Welcome to Andromeda Outdoors. I started this company to help bring my passion for adventure racing to more people in my community. My goal is to organize and host races that spur people to be better than they think they are. 

I also have a passion for sustainability. Because of that, my races will always be cupless and I will work hard with the groups managing the land to ensure that it's maintained for others to enjoy for years to come.





The Wild Turkey Strand Preserve is owned and maintained by Conservation 20/20. It contains a variety of habitat including flatwoods, cypress strand swamps, cypress dome swamps, freshwater marshes, wet prairies, and abandoned agricultural pasture. The preserve also contains part of the Buckingham Army Airfield, which was used as a training base during World War 2.


The 6 Hour Wild Turkey Trail Run is a 6 hour timed run around a 2.5 mile looped course in The Wild Turkey Strand Preserve. The bulk of the run takes place on Gunner's Trail with added fire break and access road sections to complete the loop.

I designed this course with the mindset of bringing together trail runners, and road runners who might want to try trails. The course is a mixture of wide primitive trail, flexi-pave, a little bit of boardwalk, and a short stretch of pavement through the drive and parking lot. I would consider the entirety to be non-technical and runnable in standard running shoes or trail shoes. In true fashion of trail racing, we'll have killer aid stations and incredible volunteers. There will be one central aid station with food, drink, and electrolyte supplement. A second water station will be set up and may or may not be manned depending on volunteer status.

Some important parts about the race. This will be completely CUPLESS!! Meaning that no disposable cups will be provided. I would suggest carrying a vest or hand strap bottle. At the very minimum, a collapsible travel cup. The race is at the beginning of June so plan for the weather to be warmer as the day goes on and the possibility of wet trails. I've run this course very dry at the beginning of June but you never know what Florida will do.

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